Mastodon State Park II

Mastodon State Park III

Campers with their tour guide (who was awesome!) while at Mastodon State Park.

Mastodon State Park I

Mastodon State Park

Campers posing and having a great time at Mastodon State Park!

Look at that Mastodon Tusk!

Look at that Mastodon Tusk!

Campers looking on at a mastodon tusk during a field trip to Mastodon State Park, which is in Imperial, Mo. and just south of St. Louis!

Purina Farms

Purina Farms

During Australia Week, campers went to Purina Farms.

Field Trip during Asia Week

Campers away on a field trip!

Bus Ride on a Field Trip

Another great field trip!

In Space! In Mars!

Campers alert in the control room on a mission to Mars!


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