Let’s Go! Field Trip Day.

The best campers around! campF.R.E.S.H. campers driving off to another of their famous field day trips.

Challenger Learning Center of St. Louis

Challenger Learning Center of St. Louis

Campers at the Challenger Learning Center of St. Louis during Antarctica Week getting briefed before taking a simulated mission to Mars. Look at those space suits!

Campers at the Melvien Price Locks and Dam

Campers at the Melvien Price Locks and Dam

On campF.R.E.S.H.’s first field trip, campers and camp counselors went on an awesome tour of the Melvin Price Locks & Dam in Alton, Ill. Campers listened to the tour guide as they walked across the dam and over the Mighty Mississippi River.

Sophia Rose

I am going to tell you the top 5 things I would do and would not do in Antarctica.

Don’t:                                                   Do:

1 Wear Summer clothing.               1 Wear winter clothing.

2 Eat raw fish.                                    2 Eat cooked fish.

3 Get close to a polar bear.              3 Get close to a Dog.

4 Jump in the Ocean!                       4 Sleep sitting up.

5 Sleep on the ground.

Zoë K.

Top Things I Would and Wouldn’t Do in Antarctica:

Would Do:

1. Make a snow fort.

2. Take pictures of the animals I see.

3. Always wear a very heavy coat.

4. Cook the fish I catch.

5. Pack a ton of dried fruits and vegetables, so I won’t only have fish to eat.

6. Test any ice close to the ocean for stability.

7. Go scuba diving.

Wouldn’t Do:

1. Swim in the ocean.

2. Wear summer clothing.

3. Get too close to the animals.

4. Bring heated food.

5. Hunt land animals.

6. Wear a regular swimsuit for scuba diving.


What I would do and wouldn’t do in Antarctica:

What I would Do:

1: I would build snow men 2: I would wear a winter coat 3: I would make an igloo 4: I would eat 5: I would play 6: I would sleep in a big sleeping bag 7: make a fire 8: find animals 9: wish I was at home

What I Wouldn’t Do:

1: get close to animals 2: swim in a lake 3: wear summer clothes 4: go on thin ice 5: go in deep snow 6: have a snow bath 7: Lick metal 8: I will not go in snow much 9: eat ice cream 10: jump on falling ice


If I were in Antarctica, these are the top things that I would do.

I would,

1 Keep my winter/warm clothes on at all times.

2 I would make sure that I bring my own food in case I don’t like the food there.

3 I would make sure that I left Antarctica the way I found it.

4 I would make sure that I didn’t harm any animals in any way, or their environment.

5 I would make sure that I didn’t leave any trash behind.


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