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And The Winner Is……


Outdoor Cookout!


The Great Barrier Reef


Six of the world’s seven species of marine turtles occur on the Great Barrier Reef with globally significant nesting areas for four of these found in the region.          -Elsa

The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park uses an ecosystem based approach to help all of the species and to keep species safe.         -James

The Great Barrier Reef includes 1625 species of fish       -Kennedi

Coral Reef is first reef to receive heritage status.        -Sam

Starting with the Traditional Owners thousands of years ago, the Great Barrier Reef has long been an important resource and a valued place for people to visit, share and enjoy


The most common coral in the reef are brain coral and stag-horn coral.    -Jayde

Back in Action!

After a week off, campF.R.E.S.H.® is back! We are excited to start learning about Australia culture and cuisine. We have been busy cooking and making coral reefs. It is going to be a fun week!

Truck Farm! Truck Farm!

Truck Farm! Truck Farm!

The St. Louis Truck Farm came to campF.R.E.S.H. ® today. We learned about how they are built, what is planted and them, and how to tell when something is ready to be harvested!

Lunch Time!

Lunch Time!

Chef Rosie and Chef Tony helping the campers prepare a delicious veggie lo-mein lunch!

And Now A Word From The Kids…

What I would like about living in Antarctica:

I would like exploring the land and creatures in Antarctica

I would like having an adventure every time I walked outside

I would like interacting with the animals in Antarctica

I would like trying to do new stuff every day

I would like seeing the whales, seals, and penguins

By Kenlee

If I can live in in Antarctica

  1. I would go see the penguins
  2. I would eat food
  3. I would eat a lot of fish
  4. I would see all the animals
  5. I would got on all the mountains

 By: Jaela

Fun Facts From Time For Kids:

  • Did you know? Antarctica has 70% of Earth’s natural water.
  • McMurdo Dry Valleys is the largest ice-free land in Antarctica
  • Ernest Shackeleton’s ship was crushed on his 1914 trip to Antarctica but he and some of his crew survived

By: Lailah


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