And Now A Word From The Kids…

What I would like about living in Antarctica:

I would like exploring the land and creatures in Antarctica

I would like having an adventure every time I walked outside

I would like interacting with the animals in Antarctica

I would like trying to do new stuff every day

I would like seeing the whales, seals, and penguins

By Kenlee

If I can live in in Antarctica

  1. I would go see the penguins
  2. I would eat food
  3. I would eat a lot of fish
  4. I would see all the animals
  5. I would got on all the mountains

 By: Jaela

Fun Facts From Time For Kids:

  • Did you know? Antarctica has 70% of Earth’s natural water.
  • McMurdo Dry Valleys is the largest ice-free land in Antarctica
  • Ernest Shackeleton’s ship was crushed on his 1914 trip to Antarctica but he and some of his crew survived

By: Lailah

Science Center!

Science Center!

campF.R.E.S.H.® took a field trip to the St. Louis Science Center yesterday after a picnic at Turtle Park. They explored and experimented. The main event was seeing Titans of the Ice Age at the Omnimax Theater!

Richie Camden Visit

Richie Camden Visit

Richie Camden and his dogs Fleury and Koivu came to visit campF.R.E.S.H.® yesterday. He talked to them about sled-dog racing and his experiences. The kids had so much fun playing and petting the dogs. Richie even harnessed up the campers and made them pull the dogs in the sled!

Monday Cookin’

Fotor0616112928Our 4th and 5th Graders cooking some yummy chili and cornbread!


Field Trip!

Field Trip!

campF.R.E.S.H® visited The Griot Museum of Black History today! We also played on Art Hill and even went inside the Art Museum to see the sarcophagi and African Artifacts. When we got back to camp we ate a delicious Ethiopian Lunch that included lamb, beef, chicken, and chickpeas. We had a great day!

The Owl Man

The Owl Man

Mr. Mark Glenshaw a.k.a. “The Owl Man” came and spoke to our campers today about the Forest Park Owls: Charles and Sarah. We learned so many new and interesting facts about owls! Thanks, Mr. Glenshaw!


playdohOur 4th and 5th grade campers experimenting and making playdoh!
Here is how to make it:
4 cups of flour
11/2 cups salt
2 tbsp oil
1 cup water
food coloring


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